2nd Place!

by crisrizz

The 15th Mattia International Poetry Competition came to a close last month, and I just received news that I won 2nd Place! Click on the link to read all of the winners. Here’s the poem and review:

Bay & Bloor

Is there anything as sad as reality?
There’s a homeless man who plays milkshake-flavoured
tunes on the corner of Bay and Bloor.
I see him in the subway tunnels sometimes, crouched over
an ancient guitar case,
the leather gallantly peeling after years
of artistic creation,
induced happiness.
He is on the street, playing to an audience of
careless, faceless people,
stray beetles, the one woman who
listens quietly and gives change,
a lone warrior for humanity.
Play a song for me.

“The decision to choose how we view the world and how we pen it – that is a writer’s stand. Rizzuto might be any one of us walking up and down the street. However, one can’t help but feel that the poet captured a moment rather effectively – standing still. There is a good hit here on introspection and it draws the reader in to, “Bay and Bloor “, beginning with well penned lines: “There’s a homeless man who plays milkshake-flavoured/tunes on the corner of Bay and Bloor.” The thought of what ‘milkshake- flavoured tunes’ sound like before any more information is provided about where the reader might be makes the intersection come to life (Even if you are not familiar with this famous Canadian intersection). We have all seen elements of what this piece portrays in every city. That is not the point. Rizzuto brings us to that corner. The cross popular sidewalk. Anywhere street. Most attempts at placing Canadian streets in poetry fall short in using street names – she made the reader stand there at Bay & Bloor and think about the last coin I tossed when I was there (and some other coins tossed into cases in other cities as well). Congratulations!” – Gerry Mattia