Be rare.

by crisrizz

Eat a chocolate éclair.
Let your hair down.
The car windows, too.
the barriers of tradition.
I’ll give you a hint:
be different.
The latest fashion trend is to
befriend a total stranger.
The world is a subway terminal;
a swirl of faceless, traceless people
rushing by, in a daze,
lost in the  m a z e  of life.
Do not be confused by the characters you play
throughout the workday.
Choose the one in the mirror;
it’s getting nearer to 5pm.
In 15 seconds, dare yourself to smile;
it’s a popular style in North America.
People will tell you:
“Be opaque;
save yourself from heartbreak.
Hide more, show less;
save yourself from sadness.”
Don’t listen if you never wanted
to be haunted by regret.
The truth is,
opacity hinders kismet.
It makes you murky, closed,
unappealing and hard-nosed;
a practical tabernacle
of boredom.
The truth is,
if you’re open, if you’re clear,
you’ll save yourself from fear.
It’s a mere desire, a small thought:
True luxury cannot be bought.
Sit in the sun.
Free yourself.