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Travel Poetry

Hi, everyone! I am excited to announce my new project, Travel Poetry, a digital literary travel magazine. We are accepting submissions for the inaugural issue until the end of January. Please follow the Blog at, or on Instagram at @travelpoetrymag, where I post travel vignettes, photos, and poetry. And, of course, visit the Submit page to submit your poetry or short stories.

Here is the latest post from Paris, France:

Each night, in the quivering reflection of puddles
shivering in the cold,
rolled beneath sidewalks awash with tears,
the curbsides of cafes,
a streetlight’s lazy halo,
the shifting shapes of love that stroll blindly in the night,
shadows of passers-by dance
a melancholy waltz.
Arms and legs sway and twirl,
swirling in the street
sheets of rain upon their elongated limbs.
Shadows part, then melt
together again
by a boulangerie, fingers slide
slowly down a creamy neck.
Elegant, curved, a woman swerves delicately
on a moon-coloured arm.
Here in puddles where shadows meet
Life ripples briefly,
on the drowning streets of Paris.

‘The drowning streets of Paris’
From The Music Makers by Cristina Rizzuto, crisrizz (Blaurock Press, 2012)

foto (2)

© Photo by Cristina Rizzuto (@crisrizz)


Toronto International Book Fair

Are you going to TIBF (Inspire! Toronto International Book Fair)? I’ll be reading from The Music Makers on Saturday November 15 at 1 PM at Booth #918, along with fellow AICW members. Hope to see you there!


Dear Brother

My brother and I.
Cancun, 1993

Dear brother,
do you remember childhood?
It was an after-school afternoon.
It was sunlight filtered through a sheet of ice,
a slice of March,
Earth beneath our boots,
the pirouette of
willow branches, a still show of pine trees
painting patterns in the sky.
The cold arms of a concrete bridge.
We walked home from school,
dangling our wooden feet over
the shallow creek.
You smiled your wide, genuine smile,
a semi-sundial of innocence,
Pinocchio waiting to come to life.
A crooked-eyed puppet
carved from confidence, self-delusion,
a crippled marionette.
in the game of fox and cat,
you crept towards murky waters
only to be
by a shark.
And I stayed on the bridge,
playing in your shadow,
watching your smile fade away,
shaded by the sun.
The willow tree wept for you,
shedding fluttering tears of
almond-shaped leaves.

*This poem was originally published in The Music Makers by Cristina Rizzuto (Blaurock Press, 2012)

My Book Launch

Thank you so much to everyone, dear friends and wonderful (huge!) family, who came out to my book launch May 11, 2012. I am so grateful to have shared this special moment in my life with all of you. OVER 100 PEOPLE packed the bar! I cannot even explain how emotional and overwhelmed and happy I am. A million thanks to all. A special thanks to Blaurock Press for believing in the book, and bringing it this far – Christian Snyder, Stanley Johannesen, Penny Winspur, and Julie Blake.

Check out a gallery of photos from the night, and The Music Makers page here.

Book News: The Music Makers

I’m thrilled to announce that my poetry book, The Music Makers, will be published in May with the wonderful Blaurock Press! This is truly a dream come true, and hopefully the first of many projects to come. I’m so pleased to be working with Blaurock, a literary publishing house “committed to publishing good writing in well-designed and enduring books.” And speaking of the physical book, my cover will be designed by my dear friend and photographer/designer extraordinaire, Kathryn Sarah. A huge special thanks to Stan Johannesen, Penny Winspur, Julie Blake, and publisher Christian Synder for making this all possible. On May 11, 2012, please join me in Toronto to celebrate the launch of The Music Makers at Proof Vodka Bar inside the Intercontinental Hotel Yorkville. There will be drinks, food, books, readings, and merrymaking. I would be so happy to see you all there!

PROOF Vodka Bar
220 Bloor Street West (Bloor St. & Avenue Rd.)
Toronto, ON
(416) 324-6645

On May 15, 2012, there will be a joint reading with Coach House Press in Waterloo – more details to come!