The Music Makers

by Cristina Rizzuto
The Music Makers

“Short lyrics and sketches of emergence, whose signatures are a startling precocity of taste, judgment and reticence. The poems are organized in four sections under headings of musical direction, here indicating narrative markings and precise emotional and intellectual registers: Da Capo, Lontano, Adagio, Cadence. These are urban poems, poems of streetscapes and street people, of movement and light, of the anonymous and disinterested gaze, reminiscent of Baudelaire, Eliot, St Vincent Millay. A first collection of surprising strength and authority.” – S.K. Johannesen

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Julie Blake
Marketing & New Media Manager
Blaurock Press
33 Kent Avenue
Kitchener, Ontario N2G 3R2
+1 (514) 402-5321

The Music Makers Book Launch
Proof Vodka Bar, Toronto ON

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